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Hi everyone, 

This invitation is for categories U11-U17. 

In cooperation with Bygdø Fekteklubb, Coach Julia invites you to an independent, friendly and non-profit competition organised to fill the gap in the competition calendar and give children and youth a platform to have fun with competitions by introducing a non-standard format. 

The categories and format are different than usual so make sure to check the eligibility to compete. For example, only the oldest U13 can compete in U15.  

Everyone will receive the awards/starter pack with top4 receiving bigger ones. 

Format of the competitions:

  • U13 and U15 categories will fence 2 rounds of pools girls and boys together. Direct elimination will be separately.
  • U17 category will fence a pair competitions. Both girls and boys can take part in the competition. Teams can be mixed. Teams will fence pool in the first round and direct elimination in the second round. All the matches will be up to 20 with the order being: 1,2,1,2 - 3,4,4,3
  • U11 will fence 2 rounds of pools.

This will be posted on multiple groups so if the child is in more than one, it is enough to answer on one of them. 

Register through the app or with coach Julia. 

The full invitation will hang in the club. In case of any questions, talk to coach Julia :)



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